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TOYOTA EFI Scanner (Scantool for OBD-I, MOBD Toyota & Lexus Vehicles)

- Read faults, give repair suggestions for engine and ABS such as: sensor systems, actuator, ECU, electronic fuel injection (EFI), ignition, automatic transmission (AT), Anti-lock braking system (ABS)

- EFI Scan is used to determine faults in the engine system and ABS for Toyota and Lexus vehicles which are compliant with the special standard OBD-I, MOBD (especially used for Toyota models which have 16-pin connector like OBD-II but not work with OBD-II Scantool, updated to 2009)
- Engines: 3SXX, 4AXX, 7AXX, 5SXX, 2CXX, 1ZZ-FE, 2ZZ-FE, 1TR-FE, 2TR-FE, 2AZ-FE...
- Models: Camry, Corolla, Crown, Zace, Corolla, Altis, Innova, Avanza, Sienta, Harrier, Prado, Land Cruiser, Hilux, Hiace, Fortuner... and all other models. (Reference in car list)
- EFI Scan can be used:
+ As a repairing-tool for workshops, or a training-tool for vocational schools
+ Connect to trainer for EFI, ABS system
+ As a technical tester for cars

- New, efficient, accurate and reliable solution
- Low price
- Language: English or Vietnamese
- Compatible with vehicles on the markets of ASIA, AFRICA, EU, US...
- Simple to use
- Update databases and upgrade new software versions for free
- Direct consultation and technical support
- 24 month warranty, service on demand

Displaying faults of engine system

Displaying faults of ABS

- 01 electronic signal converter
- 01 CD of the latest version of EFI Scan software
- 01 COM cable (to connect PC to vehicles)
- 01 USB/COM cable (to connect PC to vehicles)
- 01 guide book
- 01 cover

Cars List:
15B-FT (Dyna)
1AZ-FE (Avensis, Camry, Rav4)
1AZ-FSE (Avensis)
1CD-FTV Avensis, Corolla, Previa, Rav4)
1E (Starlet)
1FZ-FE (Landcruiser)
1GR-FE (Landcruiser Prado)
1HD-FT (Landcruiser)
1HD-FTE (Landcruiser Amazon)
1HD-T (Landcruiser)
1HZ (Landcruiser)
1KD-FTV (Landcruiser Colorado/Prado, Hi-Lux)
1KZ-T (4-Runner, Lancdruiser)
1KZ-TE (Landcruiser Colorado/Prado, Hi-Lux)
1MZ-FE (Camry, Avalon)
1RZ (Hi-Ace)
1SZ-FE (Yaris)
1TR-FE (Hi-Ace, Innova)
1WZ (Corolla)
1ZZ-FE (Avensis, Corolla, Celica, MR2, Rav4)
2AD-TRB (Paseo)
2AZ-FE (Camry, Previa)
2C (Carina, Corolla, Lite-Ace)
2C-E (Corolla)
2C-T (Camry, Carina E)
2C-TE (Avensis)
2E (Corolla, Starlet)
2E-E (Corolla, Starlet)
2GR-FE (Avalon, Camry)
2JZ-GE (Supra)
2JZ-GTE (Supra)
2KD-FTV (Dyna, Hi-Ace, Hi-Lux, Fortuner)
2L (Dyna, Hi-Ace, Hi-Lux)
2L-T (4-Runner, Hi-Ace, Hi-Lux, Landcruiser)
2RZ-E (Hi-Ace)
2RZ-FE (Hi-Lux)
2TR-FE (Tacoma)
2TZ-FE (Previa)
2TZ-FZE (Previa)
2UZ-FE (Landcruiser Amazon)
2VZ-FE (Camry)
2S-E (Camry)
2ZZ-FE (Celica, Corolla)
2ZZ-GE (Celica, Corolla)
3C-TE (Picnic/Sports Van)
3L (Dyna)
3E (Tercel)
3E-E (Tercel)
3MZ-FE (Camry)
3RZ-FE (Hi-Ace, Hi-Lux, Landcruiser Prado)
3S-FE (Avensis, Camry, Carina E, Carina II, Corolla, MR-II, Picnic, RAV4)
3S-GE (Carina E, Celica, Corolla, MR2)
3S-GTE (Celica)
3VZ-E (4-Runner)
3VZ-FE (Camry)
3ZZ-FE (Avensis, Corolla Verso/CombiVan)
4A-F (Carina II, Corolla)
4A-FE (Avensis, Carina E, Carina II, Celica, Corolla)
4A-GE (Corolla, MR2)
4E-FE (Corolla, Starlet)
4ZZ-FE (Corolla)
5E-FE (Paseo)
5K (Lite-Ace)
5S-FE (Camry, Corolla)
5VZ-FE (Landcruiser Colorado/Parado, Tacoma, T100)
7A-FE (Avensis, Carina E, Celica. Corolla, Zace)
7M-GE (Supra, Cressida)
7M-GTE (Supra)
22R (Pickup)
22R-E (Pickup)
22R-TE (Pickup)

1. PC
- Operation System: Windows XP
- Processor: 586 MHz or higher
- RAM: 32 MB or higher
- Screen resolution: 800 by 600 pixels or higher
- COM port or USB port
- Storage program: 7.29Mb

2. Diagram of wiring connection

A. Locations of Diagnostic Link Connector (DLC) and ECU

B. Connecting to connector for diagnosing engine system

With DLC1
- Case 1: Pin W is available in DLC

- Case 2: Pin W is unavailable in DLC

Notes: Use a W long line, insert into W pin of ECU without unplugging any data cable

With DLC1 & DLC2

With DLC3

Notes: Use a W long line, insert into W pin of ECU without unplugging any data cable

C. Connecting to connector for diagnosing ABS

With DLC1
Notes: Remove the Wa-Wb jumper

With DLC3

Notes: Select the reading ABS; use a W long line; insert into W pin of ECU without unplugging any data cable

3. Photos of some positions of W pin in some engines

- 3S-FE, 5S-FE, 7A-FE Engine (COROLLA, CAMRY 91 - 2001)

- 1ZZ-FE Engine (COROLLA ALTIS 1.8)
Notes: This is located on the ECU (male-pin)

- 2AZ-FE Engine (CARMY 2.4G)
Notes: This is located on the ECU (male-pin)

- 1TR-FE Engine (INNOVA G/J và HIACE)
Notes: This is located on the ECU (male-pin)

Notes: This is located on ECU connector (female-pin)

- 1KZ-TE Diesel Engine (HILUX, LAND CRUISER)
Notes: This is located on ECU connector (female-pin)

Notes: This is located on the ECU connector (female-pin)

4. How to get W pin in any kinds of engine with Voltmeter

Step 1: Prepare a DC voltage meter (DC voltmeter) with the metering band of 20V DC. Connecting positive red stick (+) of the fixed voltmeter to positive pole of 12V battery (or to the nearest source which is positive 12V).
(Warning: You must set voltage mode for the meter, otherwise it will not work and will be dangerous for your ECU)

Step 2: Connect EFI SCAN to 16-pin (or 17 square pin) connector in the vehicle (Except pin W). Turn ignition on and start EFI SCAN software until "Ready" report is on the screen.

Step 3: Try to connect black stick (-) of the voltmeter to all pins of ECU alternately. The pin at which the Voltmeter is flashing same as the Check Light in the vehicle is pin W.

Step 4: Take a note of this position for the other vehicles, which have engine code similar.

5. Diagnosing and clearing faults in vehicles
- Connect the data cable to the computer and electronic control box of EFISCAN
(Choose the port, which is suitable for software)
- Connect to right positions of connectors
- Turn ignition ON (Electric light on EFI SCAN box is light on)
- Start the computer and program EFI SCAN
- Select “Read Faults
- Set the required in option part (Engine or ABS, default Engine)
- Select button "ON / OFF" to turn ON program or reset
- Wait until "Ready ...." showed on the screen.
- Select the button "SCAN" (this function works normally when the sand clock flashes sequentially and EFI SCAN will inform faults in no later than 45 seconds).
- Wait until the searching finishes, read results and repair suggestions displayed on the screen.
- If you want EFI SCAN to read again, select the button "Reset" and wait until "Ready ..."showed.
- After repairing and replacing damaged parts, clear faults stored in ECU: Select the button "Clear faults" and wait until it finishes. This function doesn’t work for all vehicles of Toyota and Lexus. If “Clear faults” doesn’t work, then disconnect the positive 12 V pole in 30 seconds or longer.


1. What are functions of EFI Scan?
EFI Scan is used to read/diagnose faults, give repair suggestions for engines, sensor systems, ECU, Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI), ignition, ABS equipped in TOYOTA and LEXUS vehicles not compliant with OBD-II (engine models: 3SXX, 4AXX, 7AXX, 5SXX, 2CXX, 1ZZ-FE, 2ZZ-FE, 1TR-FE, 2TR-FE, 2AZ-FE ...). Models such as: Camry, Corona, Crown, Zace, Corolla, Altis, Innova, Avanza, Sienta, Harrier, Prado, Land Cruiser, Hilux, Hiace, Fortuner... (Reference in car list)

2. What are advantages of EFI SCAN?
- New simple efficient solution (PC-based with a WinXP computer)
- Low price
- Support more than 200 basic/advanced fault codes of the engine system and ABS
- Display (easy-to-understand) information of faults and repair suggestion
- Simple for users
- Update database and upgrade new version is free
- Provide consultation and technology support
- Hardware warranty is 24 months

3. I want to connect EFI SCAN to Toyota vehicles trainer. Is that OK? What kinds of accessories do I need?
Absolutely you can. Just EFI SCAN is OK, no more!

4. What kinds of vehicles is EFI SCAN compatible with?
Answer:EFI SCAN is used for TOYOTA and LEXUS vehicles, which are not OBD-II compliant and have rectangle connectors on the engine (DLC1) or circular connectors below the steering wheel or trapezium connectors, which look like 16-pin OBD-II connectors (DLC3). However, if your vehicle has a trapezium 16-pin connector, then there are 2 following cases:
- If the 13th pin is used, so your vehicle is not OBD-II compliant. Therefore, your vehicle can work well with EFI SCAN
- If the 13th pin is not used, so your vehicle is OBD-II compliant. Therefore, your vehicle can work well with OBD-II Scantool which we have introduced in this Website
- Vehicles after 2007 (with or without the 13th pin) are all OBD-II compliant

5. I want to buy or use the trial version of EFI SCAN. What should I do?
If you want to use the trail version, then ask for it. After 30 days, if you find EFI SCAN unsuitable for your work, you can return it to us (with conditions that the product is not broken, dropped into oil or water and still has a warranty stamp). We will receive your money back (not included the shipping fee)

6. What is the warranty and support of EFI SCAN?
Answer:EFI SCAN has 24-month warranty and we are always glad to provide you the best support whenever you want.

7. Why does DTDAuto advise customers to have EFI SCAN? Is it really necessary?
Answer:This tool is really a good friend of people who have work relating to vehicles. It is the product combining IT with Automotive Technology and human intelligence. With EFI SCAN, your work will be much simpler, easier, faster and more efficient.

8. Can EFI SCAN read all faults? Why?
Reading faults all depends on sensor systems and fault storage in ECU. It is very important and it depends on models and price of vehicles, it doesn’t depend on diagnostic equipment. Therefore, EFI SCAN can read fault codes which the Electronic Control System and ECU support and store in the ECU memory. They are mainly faults of systems relating to electronic and supported by sensors. If the Check Engine Light is ON, EFI SCAN can read faults. Otherwise, EFI SCAN can or can’t read faults.

9. If my vehicle is OBD-II compliant, then what kind of tools should I buy? Where?
If your vehicle is OBD-II compliant, so you should use OBD-II Scantool we have introduced in this Website. Click here to see!

10. How to know program installation is correct if I don’t have vehicles to check?
Answer:After installing program by following the instructions, if you don’t have vehicles to check, you can do like this: Connect B-pin of a cable to +12V-pole of a battery and E-pin to 0V-pole. Then, use the computer software to check. If “Ready…” shows, then your installation finishes.

11. I don’t know how to install USB cable to use for a laptop. Can you hep me?
Answer:You can click here to watch instructions.

12. I have read information of Technical information of EFI SCAN. There is no plug to connect to vehicles, then how does EFI SCAN connect to vehicles?
EFI SCAN uses single-plugs and we have to plug them to the connector in the vehicles (according to a diagram attacked to products). Therefore, it will be OK with any kind of connector. In some cases, positions of pins are not at the same place (Ex: in ECU). To get detailed information, you can read in Technical information of EFI SCAN.

13. I installed software. However, I don’t have broken-down vehicles to check that EFI SCAN installation is complete or not and to test diagnostic ability of EFI SCAN. So what should I do?
Very simple. You can use a Toyota vehicle, which is working normally and follow these steps:
1. Start the engine and unplug 1 of 2 plugs of some sensors (breaking a sensor-line)
2. Turn off the ignition key and connect EFI SCAN to your vehicle
3. Turn on the ignition key, start EFI SCAN software and read faults (wait 5-30 seconds)
4. Compare fault-results and repair suggestion displayed on the screen with faults you made on purpose before. (Perhaps EFI SCAN reads more faults than you made. This is very common. Maybe they are faults which weren’t cleared in previous diagnosis and stored in ECU)
5. Re-plug to the connector, unplug the Battery wire (or ECU fuse) about 30 minutes or more to clear faults and after that re-plug it.
6. Check all again with EFI SCAN equipment
7. For more detailed information, you can contact to us.

14. What are break-downs which often happen to EFI SCAN? How to repair?
Answer:When you say “break-downs”, that is not completely right. All depends on how you use tools. The most common case is after a while of using, tools are attached by computer virus. Therefore, you must reinstall Windows and then install software EFI SCAN in your computer but don’t change the default connection-port in software to make it suitable for a current port in your computer. To solve this problem, just choose a connection-port and install by following the guidebook.

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